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Safety Standards

Racesafe body protectors are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the latest safety requirements. We make them in Britain to the highest manufacturing standards and by choosing Racesafe you can be assured you are choosing the latest in protection, quality and performance.

The following information gives an overview of the various safety levels to which our body protectors are made. The safety level of each of our body protectors varies depending on the discipline they are designed for. It is important that you chose a body protector appropriate for your discipline and activity.

Body Protectors

Our body protectors conform to the latest European Standard EN13158:2018 and are CE marked to show their compliance to the
EU Regulation 2016/425.

BETA is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme. We retest our body protectors annually to BETA 2018 to ensure the consistency of quality of materials used and manufacturing processes. Within the standard there are 3 levels of protection, which are described below.

Levels of Protection

Level 1 provides the lowest level of protection that is only considered appropriate for licensed jockeys and is designed to meet the weight restrictions that apply to professional jockeys whilst racing.

Recommended for professional jockeys in countries where the racing authority or regulatory body permit Level 1 body protectors. These include USA, AUS, UAE & HK.  Available models: ProRace 1.0

Level 2 offers a lower than normal level of protection and is only considered appropriate in  low risk situations 

Recommended for professional jockeys in countries where the racing authority or regulatory body require Level 2 body protectors. This is now standard in Europe. Available models: ProRace 2.0

Level 3 is the highest level of protection offered and is considered appropriate for general riding, competitions including eventing and working with horses. Level 3 body protectors should prevent minor bruising that would have produced stiffness and pain, reduce soft tissue injuries and prevent a limited number of rib fractures.

Recommended for most types of riding and is required for most forms of competition where a body protector is worn. It is the recommended level of protection, outside the specific uses mentioned under Level 1 or 2. Recommended by the BHA for use of in racing yards.
Available models: ProVent 3.0, ProRace 3.0, RS2010

Shoulder protectors are an optional addition to any Racesafe body protector. They are subject to different tests and are approved to EN13158:2009.

A study of falls has shown that wearing shoulder protectors can reduce the likelihood of injury to the shoulder or collar bone area by up to 80%.  Available models: RS Shoulder Protectors, ProVent Shoulder Protectors