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Website Launch - A New Chapter For Racesafe

by Jade Turner |

A quick update on what's been going on at Racesafe during lockdown. We’ve been in this strange period of limbo for the last couple of months with everyone else. The only silver lining (staying positive) is that it's given us a chance to work on some really exciting projects behind the scenes.


Lots of you will probably know us best for our body protectors, and we’ll be sharing lots of new developments on that front soon!  But you might not know we’ve also been making clothing and accessories since day one. In fact, the company actually grew out of making racing silks and stocks on a kitchen table 50 years ago.  Fast forward 50 years and our latest project is to make these ranges more accessible to you. 

So in light of that, we’ve just launched a new website which features a new shop area and a product customiser. This allows you to design lots of products, everything from our hat silks to new body protector covers. Hopefully, something to keep you busy while stuck at home!


The customiser tool lets you design and see patterns on screen and order something unique to you quickly and easily. If you’re after a bespoke design or branding, we have a brilliant team here to help you bring them to life.  We’re excited to see what you come up with!


 All these products are all individually made, for you at our Northamptonshire base, and by the same team of really skilled machinists that make our body protectors.  So take a look and let us know what you think.

We’ve built a proud heritage of British manufacturing at Racesafe and every product leaving our Northamptonshire factory is defined by those years of experience and development.  We hope this new site is the next step in us building on that with you and towards another 50 years!


 The new site also has lots of new info on our body protectors, so check that out too. They’re available to buy through our brilliant stockists and there is now an improved stockists finder to help you track down your nearest shop. If you ever have any questions about sizing or model advice then please get in touch with the team here. They’re always more than happy to help.

So that's it, just a quick update.  Take care everyone and we’ll be back soon.

Best wishes

James How


ps MY PICK- check our Custom Premium Satin Hat Covers on the site. A range of traditional designs and they’re made from our luxury satin, with each of the patterns individually sewn. Bit of timeless classic, I don’t think their quality can be matched. I know so many people who end up collecting these over the years and they become treasured heirlooms within the family!



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