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Body Protectors | How To Measure

Racesafe body protectors are chosen by riders worldwide thanks to the superior comfort and protection they offer. In order for your body protector to perform correctly, it needs to be the right size and fit for you as a rider.

This article is a guide to measuring yourself for a Racesafe body protector. We recommend visiting one of our stockists for a fitting. However, if you would like a guide on your size or are unable to visit a stockist, this video and article will show you how to get a recommended size, with a step-by-step process.

Before we get started

You will ideally need a soft tape measure to take the 3 measurements. If you don't have one, a piece of string and ruler will do the job!

You’ll also want to be wearing a lightweight layer, to ensure your body protector will be a neat and close fit. It'll be easier with help from a friend or family member, particularly for the back measurement. But it can be done solo, providing you have a mirror to help

6 steps to measuring and fitting a Racesafe body protector

You can also download our fitting & size guide for reference.

Step 1 - Take your chest measurement

The first step is to take a chest measurement. Wearing a light layer, measure around the fullest part of your chest/bust, making sure the tape measure is taut.

From the size chart, this will give you the main size. 

Step 2 - Take your over the shoulder measurement

The next measurement is called over the shoulder, and measures the length of your torso.

Start by locating the point above your belly button that is approx 2cm/1" below your bottom ribs. It often helps to place your hands round your waist to do this.

This is where you would like the body protector to come down to at the front. A correct fit should make sure your bottom ribs are covered, but still allows you to bend freely.

From this point, we're measuring directly up over your shoulder and down to the point on your back level thats level with the front. It's often useful to use a mirror for this part.

Using the size chart, this measurement will suggest whether the standard or tall fit (with a longer front) will be the suitable option for the size.

Step 3 - Take your back-length measurement

The final measurement is for the back length of the body protector. Unless you are feeling particularly flexible, ask someone to help with this stage!

Start by locating the prominent C7 vertebrae at the base of your neck, you will then start measuring from the vertebrae below this.

Then measuring straight down to where you want the body protector to finish. The best way to do this is while you're sat in your saddle and to leave at least a hands width clearance with the seat of the saddle.

You need to be able to move in the saddle without the body protector interfering.  

Alternatively, if you are happy with the length of an existing body protector, you can measure that back length. The exact length is personal preference and depends on your type of riding and saddle.

This measurement will determine the appropriate back option for the size. Each size has 4 back options with 2.5cm/1" between them.

Step 4 - Determine your size on the chart

To find your recommended size, you now need to refer to the size chart with these measurements.

Firstly, find the size that your chest measurement falls within. Due to the range of adjustment, there is cross over between many of the sizes. If your chest measurement falls across two sizes, choose the smaller of the two. 

Due to the adjustability of the body protectors, there is a cross over between many of the sizes.

Next, see whether your over the shoulder measurement falls within the Standard or Tall fit for that size. It’s important to note that each riders torso length varies, regardless of their height.

Finally, see which of the 4 back options is closest to your back measurement.

You should now have a suggested size, fit and back option for your Racesafe body protector. Remember, for help and advice you can always speak to the Racesafe team.

You can also download our fitting & size guide for reference.

Step 5 - Find a stockist

Now that you’ve determined the best size for you, it’s time to find a stockist. Armed with your size you can easily check with an in-store stockist before making the journey to the store.

Alternatively, if you aren't able to visit a stockist, you now have a recommended size to order online from one of our excellent stockists. If you would like help finding an online stockists or particular products, please get in touch.

Step 6 - Check the fit of your body protector

When you get your body protector, particularly if you order yours online, there are a few key checks you can do to make sure you have the right size. Check out this article, which includes a helpful video showing you how to check the fit of your body protector.

We hope that you are now confident in finding the size most suited to you. There are of course exceptions and so if you are concerned at all then we advise you visit a stockist in store, letting them know ahead of time roughly what size you think you’ll be so that they can be prepared with sizes for you to try. Alternatively you are very welcome to contact the team here at Racesafe for help and advice.

You can also download our fitting & size guide for reference.

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