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Body Protectors | Buying Guide

We understand that choosing and buying a body protector can be a daunting experience. Between different disciplines, safety standards and fitting, there’s plenty to consider.

This guide from the Racesafe Team will walk you through each step and help you decide which body protector best suited to you and your riding.

We offer a range of body protectors that are synonymous with safety, comfort & style. As British manufacturers we are proud to offer the latest European & BETA standards of protection at market-leading comfort & weight levels.

Steps for choosing the right body protector:

1. The best body protectors for each discipline
2. Our popular models
3. Why should you consider Racesafe
4. Safety standards
5. Additional protection
6. Sizing & fit
7. Where to buy a body protector
8. Get expert advice

1. The best body protectors for each discipline

The type of riding you do is one of the main factors in choosing a body protector.

We work with leading riders in each discipline to meet their rigorous demands and design our models to make this level of performance available to every rider. Each discipline prioritises different body protector features and has a suitable level of protection.

Read our choosing a model guide on the current rules and our model recommendations for each.

Susie Berry (IRL) wearing a ProVent 3.0

2. Our popular models

3. Why should you consider Racesafe?

Racesafe is a globally established brand at the forefront of making the equestrian world safer and improving performance. Our goal is to offer riders market leading comfort, breathability and movement, whilst ensuring the latest European & BETA standards of protection.

A third-generation family business, we have a proud heritage of British manufacturing. Every product leaving our Northamptonshire factory is defined by those 50 years of experience and development.

We are supported by a network of brilliant retail stockists, who work with us to deliver the latest in body protector technology and fittings to riders around the world.

Read our 10 reasons to choose Racesafe, regardless of whether your body protector is for Badminton, Ascot or the next Pony Club Rally.

Racesafe HQ, Northamptonshire, UK

4. Safety Standards

Racesafe body protectors are all designed, manufactured and tested to meet the latest safety requirements. Our body protectors conform to the latest European Standard EN13158:2018 and are CE marked to show their compliance to the EU Regulation 2016/425.

BETA is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme. We retest our body protectors annually to BETA 2018 to ensure the consistency of quality of materials used and manufacturing processes. Within the standard there are 3 levels of protection, which we explain here.

It is important that you chose a body protector and level of protection that's appropriate for your discipline and activity. Read our guide on each discipline and our recommended models.

BETA 2018 (Level 3) Certification

5. Additional Protection

In addition to your body protector it's important to consider additional protective equipment. Shoulder Protectors can help reduce injuries to the shoulder & collar bone area by up to 80% (ref. Dr.Whitlock).

All Racesafe body protectors are compatible with shoulder protectors and come with attachment loops. We offer a range of lightweight designs that work with your body protector to maintain movement, whilst offering additional protection.

ProVent 3.0 Shoulder Protectors

6. Sizing & Fit

We're proud to offer a range of body protectors that are synonymous with performance and comfort. However, it's equally important to us that we can offer this to every rider, regardless of age, shape or size.

We offer all our models in a comprehensive range of child and adult sizes, each with a choice of body and back lengths, to achieve a perfect fit. A correct fit is crucial to ensure body protectors offer the intended protection.

Our fitting guide will walk you through finding the right size and checking the fit of your body protector.

7. Where To Buy

Our body protectors are sold via our network of retailer stockists. Where possible, we recommend you visit one of our trained stockists to be fitted. You can find your nearest here

 If this isn't feasible, please check out our fitting guide on how to measure for a body protector. Please get in touch with the Team for if you would like help finding an online stockist or specific product.

8. Expert Advice

If you would still like some advice, the Racesafe Team are more than happy to help. Tell us a little about yourself using the form below & what you need from your body protector. One of our experts will then be in touch with our recommended model & help with any other queries.

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